Class Project Team works digitally

The serious corona crisis is currently having far-reaching consequences in many places in Europe. The situation calls for work in solidarity and partnership everywhere.
The restrictions on personal freedom of movement and travel during the lockdown also means that the Class Project must look for creative means to continue the work on the joint educational project.
The meeting in Perugia, which was originally planned for March, had to be cancelled indefinitely.

As a reaction to this, regular video calls with the entire project group and topic-specific small groups will take place to continue and further develop the organizational and scientific work.

The project team is currently working, under the scientific direction of the team of the University of Perugia, on the creation of a toolkit for the assessment of competence among students. In the future, this toolkit will be made available to teachers so that they can better map the formal and informal competencies of students and subsequently install appropriate individual support services.
The toolkit will be completed by the end of July.