Third transnational Meeting (Online)

Class Online Workshop 3rd- 4th of february

The pandemic situation continues to be a major challenge for large parts of Europe and the world. Although the search for sustainable solutions to deal with it is positive due to the use of different vaccines, regular forms of cooperation are not possible in the Erasmus+ Class project. In order to continue to cooperate successfully and to develop the project further, a two-day online meeting will take place this week.

In a multiplier event, different partner organizations, schools and students, as well as the interested public from the five Class partner countries will be given an overview of progress, results and further procedures. Furthermore, smaller workshops are planned to gather feedback from the participants. This will help to adjust further steps of the project in a target-oriented way.

On the second day of the meeting, the partner organizations will present and discuss the various online volunteering approaches in search of creative and practical solutions to move the Class project forward. These will form the basis for the upcoming test phase of the toolkit and thus the sustainable competence development approach.

The Class project team is looking forward to a stimulating exchange with the partners and interested parties. =)