1st IO- A toolkit for the teachers

The First Intellectual Output (IO1) is the creation of a toolkit for educators (teachers in school and professionals working with young people outside school) to tackle school failure. The production is coordinated by the University of Perugia (Italy).

Methodological approach:

  • offer informal learning
  • explain the skills required of pupils at school
  • Assess students in a more inclusive way

In a first step, examples of good practice in the four project countries (Italy, Germany, France and Portugal) will be collected and compiled.

The IO1 Lead Partner will then propose a common framework to be finalised by the different partners in preparation for the experiments to be launched in September 2020.

The basic tools are: the VAEB portfolio, the Schola portfolio and the JuCiVol training.

2nd IO- Vademecum for Competencies

The second intellectual production (IO2) is a Vademecum coordinated by Solco (Italy), a guide to propose cross-curricular educational paths in schools.

In particular, workshops are proposed to experiment with the different paths proposed, to be designed by Solco in collaboration with Desincoop (Portugal).

The aim is to establish a link between the activities required at school and practical activities outside school, e.g. in associations. For example, mathematics can be learned by working as a trainee in the administration of an association; geography can be learned by working as a volunteer in an international solidarity NGO.

3rd IO - A manual

The third intellectual production (IO3), is coordinated by iriv conseil. A handbook will be developed that combines the theoretical approach and the practical applications based on the results of the experiments carried out in the first years of the CLASS project in the four countries.

The purpose and aim of this handbook is to make education policy more sustainable.

It puts a special focus on the voluntary work of pupils, which should take place outside school, so that they can acquire informal learning that enables them to acquire new skills and support school skills